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K-2SO Silicon Valley Comic Con

A wonderful continuation of our exciting collaborative adventures with Owen Gildersleeve and team. After the hugely positive response to our Iron Man build in 2016, the organisers of the Silicon Valley Comic Con asked us back for a second year, to develop a new paper sculpture to wow the crowds in 2017. With the recent release of the new Star Wars film Rogue One, we all decided that it had to be the incredible new humanoid robot K-2SO!

We used a selection of CAD programs to design and create a usable "life-size" model (measuring in at 2160mm tall) and then to break it down into it's paper net parts, so that Owen and team could set about cutting and assembling this insanely complex jigsaw puzzle of a sculpture.

Due to the robots slim joints, we also needed to devise a new type of framework that could not only hold the paper shell of the model firmly in place, but that could also be dissembled for shipping to the event in San José, California.

To add some life to the model, we also set about prototyping a bespoke mechanism and 3D printed parts, which could be attached and screwed to the paper head form of K2SO, all carefully designed so that the sculpture can also be dissembled and serviced.

We fitted custom-built electronic lights into the head for eyes and a pan/tilt servo motor mechanism into the neck so that the whole head could move, which we then wrote a uniquely coded computer program for, to give it uncanny and unpredictable animation.

Honda X-ADV

Digitas LBi and YCN approached us to make an art-piece in response to Honda's new product, the X-ADV, that would be used as subject matter in a short film series being made to celebrate the bikes release.

We worked with the Italian designers of Honda's new bike, to create a sculptural piece that illustrated the "two worlds in one" theme behind the bikes design - a city bike that will also give you the freedom to transition into nature and explore off-road.

DataBloom: HTC Vive Controller Hardware

The super-talented dreamweavers at Marshmallow Laser Feast added Thomas to a team they were putting together, to create Sapient Publicis’s live-data art installation "DataBloom" at this years Money 20/20 Conference in Amsterdam. Thomas was assigned the task of designing, prototyping and making this stunning controller hardware, that was used to manipulate visuals on a huge graphical display.

The controllers were designed as an extension of the HTC Vive developer module (seen at the base of the controller) and housed additional electronics that were devised by the absolute masterminds at A&E. When the controller is picked up, a sensor in the handle begins reading the users pulse rate. Another sensor in the front ring of the controller can measure the force of the users breath as they blow towards it. Marshmallow Laser Feast were then able to use this realtime data to customise the visual experience of each person that participated in the installation.

Check out Sapient Publicis's beatuiful video of the installation below: