Creative consultancy, project management and production for three-dimensional objects

"We are passionate about turning peoples ideas and needs into real, physical solutions and objects"

With over 15 years experience, Thomas Forsyth has a diverse background as a creative consultant, designer and master maker, with a deep knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes. His broad range of experience spans from client relations and project management, to design development and CAD model drawing, to hands on making, building and prototyping. Additionally, he also has a good understanding of electronics, micro-controllers, C++ code and programming.

As well as working solo, Thomas often works and collaborates with his extended network of colleagues and companies. He can help you develop and refine your ideas to meet the challenges of creating three-dimensional objects, as well as providing the extra team members, makers and skilled hands on your existing job. He can also provide the trustworthy, experienced management, manufacture and production to see your project smoothly through to the final stages of realisation.

Thomas takes on a broad range of projects from conceptual items to functional and bespoke end products, and has an excellent understanding of a huge range of materials and processes including: metalwork, wet and dry plastics, woodwork, laser cutting and etching, ceramics, paper and card, electronics, CNC routing and 3D printing technologies.

Only a small selection of work features on this site, so if you think you might like to discuss your project or ideas, then don’t hesitate to get in contact with Thomas via the details below!

Based in North East London, UK and working internationally.

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