Projects in category: Furniture

Tweed Table

A stylish, upcycled table, made using hardwood off-cuts and a Victorian door. The piece was exhibited as part of a set at Somerset House for London's outrageously popular graphic art fair Pick Me Up. The table was bought by a private client during the show.

Dewars Whisky Distillery Installation

We were contacted by StinkDigital and Mr. President to collaborate on this live kinetic sculpture, which we made to fit inside a sawn off cask for the Dewars Whisky Company.

The installation now sits in Dewar's distillery in Scotland and contains a micro-controller that connects it to the internet, creating a link between their website and their physical premises. Every time someone visits the Dewar's website, numerical lights inside the whisky bottles display the new number of web hits.

This piece also has another incredible and more animate feature... The micro-controller inside this kinetic sculpture also triggers these 3D printed Dewar's logo gears and cogs, to burst into movement every time a set number of website visitors log onto the site (see video below). These parts have all been hand painted and finished to ensure the extra attention to detail required for such a unique piece.

dConstruct Conference

Clear Left approached us to create a playful set piece for their 'future' themed dConstruct conference at the Brighton Dome, UK. So we turned their speakers stand into a massive UFO...

The very talented and interesting ladies and gents speaking had a fantasic time giving their talks from the cockpit, whilst the UFO also made a memorable feature for the audience, increasing social media activity with the photo opportunity factor.

We pre-fabricated the UFO in north east London in the Building Bloqs workshop, before transporting it down to The Brighton Dome for a speedy install before the conference.

House Of Fairytales

A piece of fantastical upcycled storage furniture, complete with working lamp and wheels. Commissioned by The House Of Fairytales for their grand festival tour and created in collaboration with the hugely talented Edwin Peel.

The sculptural composition of this wonderfully eccentric piece of furniture was achieved using advanced carpentry and joinery techniques, after which it was hand painted and finished to give it a playful and child-like appeal.

Once Was Lost

A bespoke, up-cycled, wooden coffee table. Inspired by fairytales and comissioned by a private client. Fine carpentry and joinery, with hand turned legs and miniature drawer.

Photographed by Jon Aaron Green

Smugglers Bedside Chest

The inspiration for this charming little chest of drawers, was taken from a time when people wore their riches and the vunerability of their items at night. Commissioned by a private client.

The chest contains multiple secret compartments concealed around the piece, that use various bespoke mechanisms to keep your valuables securely hidden.

Lovers Computing Bench

Emmaus Table

This stylish upcycled door table was created as part of the exhibition 'Finding Home' which took place at the Village Underground in Shoreditch, London. The photograper Liz Hingley asked us to help her manage the design and build of the exhibition, which was created around her touching photography project 'With Others', to raise money and awareness for the incredible communities of Emmaus.

The table was made from a door and contained a single inlaid key to salute the incredible and unrelenting work of Emmaus, who offer a unique opportunity of home, work and community to those who have been unfortunate enough to find themselves homeless.

Fairytale Chair

A fairytale inspired chair, with hardwood dovetail features and hand forged ironwork bracing, designed and made for a private client.