Twinkle Twinkle Little Heart

We had the pleasure of helping the fantastic folk at Golin London realise their vision for the wonderful charity Tiny Tickers, by building some custom electronics and hacking into the Seven Dials Christmas lights in Covent Garden, London.

The idea was to manipulate the existing christmas lights to visually represent the heartbeat of "Billy" the child patient in the video campaign, linking them to his pulse monitor and raising interest and awareness about the cause.

It was a super quick turnaround project, so we set about diagnosing the current system of lighting, to find the best solution for the project within its specific constraints. This invoved us developing and building custom electronics, that plugged straight into the lights power supply, allowing us to create a "bypass" that we could manipulate and control with custom written computer code.

We managed to generate some great media coverage with Golin's very touching film. If you feel like getting involved and giving to a wonderful cause, head over to the Tiny Tickers website and help them make a big difference to little lives.